Disaster Relief Catering

In times of disaster we're there to lend a hand!

In times of disaster, there is no better food caterer to turn to than Golden Gate Companies.  Golden Gate has provided food service at outdoor events for over 25 years in every type of weather serving tens of thousands of patrons all across the Country.  We are equipped to operate kitchens serving upwards of 20,000 meals daily.  We can mobilize our highly trained professional staff within 24 hours to almost any site located in the United Sates and be fully operational within 48 hours.

We are registered with various Red Cross regions and can provide disaster relief catering coast to coast.  We have the support of Cheney Brothers, Sysco, and US Food Service to provide us with the highest quality foods and refrigerated trucks to keep food stored at proper temperatures.  Our trained staff will prepare meals that are hot, tasty and nutritious for the men and women working in the field to restore normalcy in areas ravaged by disasters.

Golden Gate is a fully licensed and insured business.  We are committed to providing relief during community restoration and in disaster ravaged areas.

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We can help with the relief!