On-site ATM Machines

WE provide the cash to create a micro-economy at your event!

Golden Gate ATM provides wireless and mobile ATM services to street fairs, festivals, sporting events and parades nationwide.  We pride ourselves on being one of the best ATM companies in the country by paying you on time, providing unparalleled service and making sure our ATM’s never run out of cash. 

Our ATM’s are completely portable, visible and easily identified making it convenient for your patrons.  Golden Gate ATM delivers the machines, loads them with cash, sets them up at various locations and monitors the machines during your event. 

Benefits of having ATM Machines at your events:

Studies have shown that over 80% of money dispensed from an ATM machine is spent at the event
There are increased vendor sales at events with ATM machines
You are paid on every transaction!

Wireless technology enables us to place machines virtually anywhere there is access to a standard electrical outlet

If you own a business and would like to offer your customers the convenience of an on-site ATM machine, Golden Gate ATM can make this completely turn-key to you.  Remote monitoring gives us the ability to monitor the ATM’s to make sure they never run out of cash.  On-site ATM’s offer your customers one more reason to walk into your business and one more way for you to generate revenue!